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Accounting Bookkeeping  Auditing
Account Receivables/   
 Account Payable
Business & Personal Taxes

Communicating and recording your financial information, generally in the form of financial statements that show in money terms the economic resources under the control of management. While determining whether recorded information reflects the economic events that occur during the accounting period. 

Maintaining a record of company's' incoming customers balances, for services or goods sold.

Prepare bills, invoices, and bank deposits

Manage ledger; ensure payments are posted

Identify discrepancies and resolve billing issues

Send bill reminders; contacting clients when necessary.

Filing any necessary documentation and providing clients with statements summarizing their tax liabilities also offering tax planning advice to help your business or individuals save money on their taxes.


Advising clients on particular areas of their business to ensure the direction and future of the company has a successful forthcoming.

Asset Management 

Will develop, operate, maintain, upgrade, and maintain disposing of assets in the most cost effective manner. Also allocating the cost of tangible assets over its useful life to be used to account for declines in value for tax and accounting purposes.

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